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Trends in project development with aluminium

As a project developer, you want to invest in the future and contribute to a beautiful and sustainable living environment. We understand this at Aliplast. That is why we have been researching the role of aluminium for many years. The result is the development of bespoke aluminium to take project development and real estate 'to the next level'. We keep a close eye on the market and respond to current housing needs.


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Trends in project development

Special façade architecture adds value to the cityscape, but it doesn't stop there if you want to be future-proof on the project development front. Whether residential units or office buildings, people need extra comfort and they pay much more attention to energy consumption. This means that as a project developer and architect, you have to help provide an answer. Smart control can be a solution that people are crying out for. But don't forget the joinery. And then it's best to opt for aluminium. Doors, windows and cladding in aluminium combine aesthetics, functionality, energy savings and 100% recyclability. You need specialists to make that exterior joinery thermally and acoustically flawless.


Support for project development

At Aliplast, we embrace sustainable project development. We make our mark on the real estate sector with aluminium joinery. The engineers in our design department work with project development on various innovative systems.

At Aliplast, we embrace sustainable project development.

Durama - Group Huyzentruyt - Luum Architects - Photographer: Yvan Glavie

We also have our own official test bench to test all our new products in-house. Project developers knock on our door to brainstorm on aluminium applications for their building projects. This is how the most beautiful gems take shape in cooperation with Aliplast structural engineers.

Sustainable project development

A great example of project development with Aliplast systems is Louise Marie, a residential project with 207 flats and penthouses spread over two 14-storey residential towers: a pearl of glass and light on the Antwerp skyline. Due to its location on the canal, acoustics were a very important factor for the choice of windows. At a height of over 60 m, the windows had to be able to withstand high wind and water loads. Aliplast Star75 and Ultraglide were chosen for the sliding windows, which are more than 3 m high in the penthouses. What greatly distinguishes Aliplast from many other system suppliers is that we have our own extrusion department and can work out specific solutions for project development.


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