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Aluminium folding and bending à la carte

Aluminium window and sheet metal work finished to a T: that's what Aliplast is all about. Sheet metal folding, bending, punching and welding and bending aluminium profiles  takes skilled workers and the right machines. It helps the production and implementation work of our structural engineers make a great leap forward at once. They simply order their sheet metal finishing from us online.


Working together for folding and bending? 

Aluminium bending by experts

Did you know that Aliplast Aluminium Systems has a specialized department for bending? We use CNC controlled machines to cut, bend and punch sheets with great precision. You can come to us for both piecework and large projects, standard or complex shapes.




Aluminium folding for specific purposes

You see the result of aluminium folding every day in the street scene. In homes, office buildings, industrial buildings, architectural gems. Piece by piece with integrated customization in aluminium, such as:



  • Aluminium reveals for windows that are deeper in the façade or protrude further out.
  • Aluminium sills in L-profile for under the window, in U-profile for clamping in daylight openings or Z-profile where the sill is attached to the window.
  • Aluminium corner trim, gable flashings, etc.



Aluminium cutting and punching

For all cutting work, e.g. for false centres. This sheet metal with a round cut-out shape can be placed above a straight window - a  cheaper solution than curved windows. We take care of all your cutting work according to specified dimensions or supplied jigs or CAD drawings.



Aliplast also punches or drills holes in sheet metal. If required, we will also weld sheet metal according to the designs of our customers.

Round or curved windows

Round windows, half-round windows, basket arches or curved doors: we bend your aluminium profiles to the desired result. They can also be processed into a semi-finished window. The profile joints are then welded and the welds smoothed. Transitions between straight and bent profiles are thus eliminated and invisible. The level of finishing is consequently very high.


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