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Aluminium colours in the picture

You prefer aluminium for doors, windows, or cladding. We are delighted to hear it. You will then have to choose thethe aluminium colour. Follow your heart and go for the colour that suits your home and personality to a T. Because whatever your aesthetic desires, the possibilities of aluminium colours are boundless. The perfect match for your project exists.


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Wall of colour – a wide range of aluminium colours

The right aluminium colours will take your home to the next level. At Aliplast, you can order joinery in any colour and finish you want: textured, matt, glossy, anodized, etc. Dark, light, golden aluminium... You can go and see the different colours and structures on samples at our dealers. You can have the inside and outside of your windows painted in different colours of your choice (bicolour lacquering) to create an alternating atmosphere. Hinges, stools and other accessories can match so as to create a harmonious whole.

Choose from an endless range of aluminium colours.

A brilliant example of aluminium colours

To get into the mood... how about this villa with curved shapes and copper façade? Here, the Star75 line was chosen because of its modern, sleek look. The window profiles were painted in 2 colours: the white colour 9010M of the interior windows thus blends into the white walls and enhances the large spaces. For the outside, they chose powder colour 8C33AN. This is a copper-coloured lacquer anodization, an alternative in powder form to real anodization. Nice, isn’t it?


The perfect aluminium colour match for your project exists.

What is aluminium powder coating?

Powder painting or powder coating is the technique the enables you to offer your profiles in any colour. The aluminium is first subjected to  a pre-treatment for protection. It then receives a powder coating using an electrostatic, automatic powder-coating machine.



Wat is aluminium anodization?

Anodizing is a surface treatment for applying a controlled oxide layer on aluminium. The advantage is that the appearance of the material is fully preserved. It can be given a different colour if desired by adding a colour to the chemical bath, or it can retain its original aluminium colour. It is less scratch-resistant than painted profiles, but ever so chic.

In-house aluminium colours and paints at Aliplast

You get the idea: Aliplast is your ultimate supplier of top aluminium in all colours. In addition to profiles, bending, sheet metal and folding work is powder coated on our 3 lacquering lines. With a capacity of 8 million m2 per year, we offer lengths of up to 7 m in more than 1,000 colours. You benefit from a 15-year guarantee on the paintwork and for the colour series timeless colours (TC), pure texture (PT), matt timeless (MT) and timeless glossy (T), we work with powder class II which gives you the Seaside 25-year lacquer guarantee. Take your pick!


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