Why choose aluminium cladding?

A stylish facade for your new build or renovation. Consider the options, get inspired and make the right choice. But where do you start? Because there are many types of bricks, or maybe you prefer plaster. If you want something a little more special, different from the rest, we have the ultimate solution: aluminium cladding. Experience here why that is the case.


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Trendy home appearance thanks to aluminium facade cladding

Your home with a chic and trendy look, that's what aluminium cladding  provides. This type of facade finish is often the favourite of architects as a finishing touch for modern homes. Contemporary, unique and sustainable through and through. The cladding consists of a simple click system with vertical or horizontal profiles in different designs. The invisible attachment and straight lines create a clean look, which is extremely stylish. Although there are other reasons to choose aluminium cladding.


3 good reasons for aluminium cladding

  • A trendy look in the blink of an eye

Installing aluminium cladding is very simple. Aliplast's Deco Wall wall cladding is a top performer in this area.

Experience for yourself the architectural added value of our aluminium cladding.

A base profile is first mounted against your facade. The finishing profiles are then clicked into place on this. Moreover, you can also have your doors and gates covered with the aluminium profiles. Or have the cladding continue over a window. This way, you allow daylight in while still enjoying the privacy you want.

  • Dynamic & diverse

Aluminium cladding means things never get boring. It can be perfectly combined with plastering or bricks for a customised dream facade. With 4 vertical profiles - narrow, wide, deep or open - and 1 horizontal profile, you determine the line pattern of your home yourself. An extra special interplay of colours can be achieved by making the background profile a different colour to the finishing profile.



  • Durable & low-maintenance

Aluminium cladding is durable, extremely strong and easy to maintain. Say goodbye to painting or varnishing. Your cladding will withstand all weather conditions and stay in top shape for years. At Aliplast, you can choose from an extensive colour range in which many colours have a 25-year Seaside colour guarantee.

Get inspiration for aluminium facade cladding

Now it's up to you: go get inspiration for your home. Take a look at the Aliplast website , discover our Deco Wall aluminium cladding and contact one of our distributors near you. As our partners, they are ideally placed to give advice for your project as well as to convince you further with great references. Together with these craftsmen, we create durable aluminium systems with a high-quality and aesthetic character. And we want everyone to enjoy that.


Experience for yourself the architectural added value of our aluminium cladding.


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