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Boundless aesthetics of aluminium profiles

Aluminium profiles open up a world of possibilities for your new construction or renovation project. Aluminium is very popular, and that makes perfect sense: aluminium profiles make a home beautiful and sustainable. They are functionally strong and aesthetically sophisticated. Comfort and design go hand in hand. And speaking of stylish... let's zoom in on the boundless aesthetics.


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Modern construction with aluminium profiles

Aluminium joinery suits every architectural style and can generally be described as a sterling example of modern building technology. Aliplast aluminium doors and windows are a paragon of beauty and innovation. Extending your architectural style to the aluminium profiles is perfectly possible thanks to the very extensive product range and versions.


The aluminium profiles are available in all sorts of colours and shades. In terms of finish, you can choose matt, gloss or textured lacquer. A different colour is possible for inside and outside, if so desired. Aliplast offers a colour range with a 25-year paint guarantee. So you are 'future-proof' with aluminium profiles - sustainable too, because the profiles cannot rust, crack or warp and aluminium is 100% recyclable.


Aluminium profiles open up a world of aesthetic possibilities for your new construction or renovation project.

Steel look aluminium profiles

Aluminium profiles with a steel look are hands down an aesthetic delight. You enjoy the looks of steel and the advantages of aluminium. The sleek black finish combined with ultra-slim profiles is the cream of the crop for contemporary homes. Apart from the handsome look, with aluminium profiles you also benefit from the following advantages:


  • Energy-efficient: strong insulation performance and low U value, because steel look profiles feature an insulated thermal break
  • Ultra easy to maintain, without painting or varnishing
  • Ecological, endlessly recyclable
  • Very strong, especially suitable for large window surfaces
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Burglar-resistant



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Architectural gems thanks to aluminium profiles

What makes aluminium profiles particularly attractive is their minimalist character, clean lines and intricate detailing. Not surprisingly, the purest architectural gems are created with aluminium profiles.


Architecture with large windows, for example, for a limitless indoor-outdoor feeling. Aesthetically and thermally in ultimate balance. Or trendy facade cladding with vertical and horizontal aluminium profiles in various designs. Anything but ordinary. A trendy look in a jiffy. That's why architects love being creative with aluminium. And Aliplast assists them in developing 'the perfect fit'.

Buying aluminium profiles from Aliplast

You simply have to experience the added value of aluminium profiles for yourself. With Aliplast, you have everything within reach. With our aluminium profiles, you bring craftsmanship and beauty into your home. Our doors, windows, conservatories and facades with aluminium profiles are developed to suit current living needs. They combine the best features for your quality of life.

Dedicated Aliplast distributors are by your side. That makes choosing from the range of aluminium profiles for your new construction or renovation far easier.


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