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The sublime advantages of aluminium

Doors and windows in aluminium combine the best for your home and quality of life: Beauty and functionality in perfect balance. Aluminium is a durable, contemporary material that packs a whole range of unique advantages.


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Advantages of aluminium: a quality statement

With aluminium, you make a clear statement. You opt for a durable and modern material with special properties,  for top quality and enjoyment without frets or worries. The most striking advantages of aluminium:



  • Aluminium joinery suits every architectural style
  • The strong insulation performance of aluminium window profiles – suitable even for passive houses
  • Available in a wide range of colours, shades and finishes
  • Very maintenance friendly, you don’t have to paint or varnish it
  • Aluminium lasts for decades and cannot rust, crack or warp, and is particularly colourfast
  • Aluminium is 100% recyclable, every time
  • Aluminium is very light yet also very strong and particularly suited for large window surfaces
  • Burglar-roof: the strength of the material helps against burglary.


Advantages of aluminium: the design factor

Yet another advantage of aluminium:  the material allows for architectural freedom. Minimalist, clean lines, an appearance full of character, intricate detailing... no wonder that the purest architectural gems are created with aluminium -- architecture with large windows, for example, for a limitless indoor-outdoor feeling; or timeless cladding with vertical and horizontal profiles in various designs;  anything but average and real advantages. Aluminium is a way of life. That is why architects love ever so much to be creative with (the advantages of) aluminium.

Aluminium is a durable, contemporary material that packs a whole range of unique advantages.

Photographer: Nicolas da Silva Lucas

Advantages of aluminium: countless applications

Aluminium lends itself to countless joinery applications. If you are looking for doors and windows, the advantages of aluminium are crucial. But they are great for other applications as well. Think of aluminium sliding and folding doors, conservatories, patio covers, outdoor living, curtain walls, cladding, interior doors and fly screens. The advantages of aluminium open up a world of possibilities for private homes and professional buildings. Experience it for yourself.

Advantages of Aliplast aluminium

At Aliplast, we would be delighted to convince you further about the advantages of aluminium. Our systems are the result of craftsmanship and an eye for beauty. We work with heart and soul on the profiles of tomorrow in our factory and Center of Excellence in Lokeren - yes, we stand for 100% made in Belgium. We develop products tailored to current living requirements. Sustainability is an important aspect here and one of the main advantages of aluminium. After all, our material helps insulate and is thus beneficial to the climate.

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