Sustainable construction and renovation with Aliplast

Sustainable construction or renovation is a must. And that includes sustainable materials and suppliers. As an architect or structural engineer, you know that better than anyone. Aliplast fully supports sustainable construction and renovation, and we are happy to provide the proof for this below.


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Beautiful & sustainable living

That is Aliplast's motto and promise. We represent a world of aluminium craftsmanship and beauty in which we put our heart and soul into profiles and systems that make homes and buildings beautiful and durable. Our windows, doors, verandas, facades and more are developed to suit current living needs. They combine the best features for greater quality of life. Sustainability is a top priority in this. This is in our DNA as well as in our product. Our materials improve insulation, thus making a contribution to the climate. A story that also adds value for professionals who work with our profiles. 


Cradle to Cradle sustainability certificate

We make our sustainability promise concrete by constantly seeking new solutions for circular construction. Aluminium joinery is a 100% sustainable product that can be recycled again and again without any loss of quality.

Sustainable construction or renovation is a must.

We collect old aluminium windows separately to reprocess them into recycled aluminium. We have obtained Cradle to Cradle certification for this, scoring positively on the 5 criteria: material health, material reuse, renewable energy, water management and social justice.

Our efforts in sustainable construction are also reflected in projects using Aliplast aluminium.

BREEAM, the proof of sustainable building and renovation

Our efforts in sustainable construction are also reflected in projects using Aliplast aluminium. A great example is Barry Callebaut's chocolate warehouse, the largest and most sustainable warehouse in the world. The building was awarded the BREEAM sustainability certificate, the world's most common international standard for certifying sustainable buildings. And Aliplast is part of this winning team, with its Star75 windows and MC Wall curtain wall. Star 75 brings together the latest technologies and innovations in a single aluminium window system. The clean design combined with high-performance insulation is ideal for BEN and low-energy houses, in the case of both new construction and renovation. Which, by the way, also applies to the super-insulating MC Wall curtain wall.

Sustainability in practice

Another advantage when working with Aliplast: we are certified for ISO14001, the standard for environmental management, and ISO500001, the standard for energy management. Sustainability all the way, in other words. Aliplast's aluminium systems are highly thermally insulating and meet all requirements for energy-efficient homes. They keep buildings warm in winter and cool in summer.


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