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Aluminium: a must for an energy efficient home

Energy bills today won’t make your day. Investing in green energy solutions is a good thing, but an energy-efficient home entails far more than that. It starts with the choice of your doors and windows and what is known as the U value. On that front, you've come to the right place with aluminium joinery from Aliplast.


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Building an energy-efficient home

When building or renovating an energy-efficient home, it is important to take the insulation value into account. The U value is particularly important for doors and windows. The lower the U value, the better the insulation value of your doors and windows.

The Aliplast aluminium series are specially designed to meet the high demands of insulation values. Our doors and windows keep the cold out perfectly thanks to the latest techniques that ensure an excellent thermal break between the inner and outer profile halves. So you enjoy an extremely energy-efficient home. For an optimal match, take into account the U-values of both glass and aluminium windows.



An energy-efficient home is budget friendly

Aliplast aluminium systems score top marks beyond U values. An energy-efficient home also requires budget-friendly solutions. Aluminium has got you covered. You can enjoy carefree, all-weather doors and windows for the rest of your life, even with intensive use. So you don't need to budget for renewal. The same goes for maintenance, as aluminium simply requires regular cleaning, is super low-maintenance and fits perfectly into the picture of an energy-efficient home. No expensive products or paint needed.



Energy-efficient passive house with aluminium

If you go one step further and want to build an energy-efficient passive house, Aliplast will be delighted to help you think about joinery that contributes 100% to this end. We developed a special Star90 aluminium window profile with a super-low U value. You can make your own calculations with the EPB  or EPC calculator from Bouw-Energie.

Aliplast is your partner for an energy-efficient home.

Photographer: Nick Cannaerts

Aliplast, partner for energy-efficient homes

Keen to know which Aliplast system best suits your energy-efficiency needs and home? Then make sure you take a look at our products and talk to an Aliplast distributor near you. Our distributors are all specialists, trained to give you the right advice on the optimal combination of glass and windows for your energy-efficient home.


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