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Aluminum paints: years of carefree enjoyment

No need to paint aluminium doors and windows! That's because quality joinery comes with a paint or colour guarantee  so you can enjoy your investment for years to come without frets or worries. The aluminium paint guarantee at Aliplast is tops because the entire production and aluminium anodizing are done in-house from A to Z. The entire process is strictly controlled, so you can be sure of the ultimate colour guarantee. With a capacity of 8 million m² per year, we offer lengths of up to 7 m in more than 1,000 colours. There is a colour for everyone! And no more painting aluminium yourself because the colours fade quickly.

Standard 15-year colour guarantee

More specifically, at Aliplast this colour guarantee entails a standard 15-year Qualicoat Seaside paint guarantee, valid for powder-coated windows thanks to flawless production and continuous testing of aluminium powder coating in our own workshop. So you can choose from a wide range of colours in different finishes: textured, matt, glossy, etc. Something for everyone, with a 15-year colour guarantee without having to paint your aluminium yourself.



Class II powders: up to 25 years color guarantee

Even more: at Aliplast, we also offer a colour range where we use Class II powders with higher resistance to UV radiation plus a 25-year Seaside paint guarantee. We moreover underscore our green and sustainable character thanks to recent investments in a new vertical powder line - all for a positive impact on the environment.


Furthermore, our 'Qualicoat Seaside' label guarantees a very good coating performance, including for projects by the sea. We powder-coat aluminium with a 25-year colour guarantee for the following colours:


  • Timeless Colours (TC)
  • Pure Texture (PT)
  • Mat Timeless (MT)
  • Timeless glossy (T)
No need to paint aluminium yourself.

Advantages of aluminium colour guarantee

Why such a 25-year colour guarantee and why is the Aliplast process for powder-coating aluminium so important? Here's why:


  • Improved colour and gloss stability
  • Increased scratch resistance
  • Better UV resistance
  • Longer weather resistance
  • Better resistance to aggressive environments and severe weather conditions


Download the 25-year colour guarantee certificate here 

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