Tips for choosing a veranda

A veranda is the ultimate relaxation and experience space for every season. So you are going to spend a lot of pleasant time in it. One veranda is not the other. Beautiful customisation is the norm, tailored to your life and wishes. That's why it's important to choose well, and I'm sure you'll succeed with the tips below.


Get inspired already 

Cocooning or working in style, in your veranda

Joie de vivre, which brings a veranda into your life. The beauty, comfort and connection with the outdoors create an instant sense of happiness. Meeting, recharging, home office, storing materials (bicycle, garden set or tools)... A veranda can have various functions. At Aliplast, we recommend that you determine the function and layout of the veranda in advance. An installer then often brings surprising ideas for the design of your veranda.


Which brings us to style. Anything is possible with an aluminium veranda - it suits any architectural style. For example, Aliplast offers 5 eave designs: Modern, Flat, Classic, Luxus and Victorian. The glass roof or the rooflight in the ceiling also help determine the style of your veranda: a flat roof gives a modern look while a pyramid roof looks more classic. The choice is yours.

Anything is possible with an aluminium veranda.

Colour & maintenance of your veranda

Also good to know: endless colours create endless possibilities. The same colour as your home's aluminium windows? Prefer a different colour to match the natural surroundings? Check, and your Aliplast distributor is perfectly placed to advise you on this and show you examples. Aliplast even has a colour range with a 25-year Seaside paint guarantee. Above all, aluminium is very low-maintenance: you don't need to paint or varnish it. It is also very durable: aluminium does not rust, crack or warp, and is particularly colourfast. An Aliplast aluminium veranda lasts for life.


A veranda is the ultimate relaxation and experience space for every season.

A sustainable veranda

Another tip: remember to ask for insulated profiles. This is the only way to enjoy your veranda all year round. Thermally interrupted profiles ensure that your veranda is not too hot in hot weather or too cold in winter. The glass is also important in this respect, so it is best to get double or triple glazing for your veranda. The whole guarantees high thermal and acoustic insulation for unparalleled comfort and excellent energy savings.


Can it be something other than a veranda?

A new trend in the garden is a slatted roof or patio canopy. This minimalist and sleek eye-catcher can be fully customised according to your wishes: with opening aluminium slats or glass, screens, LED lighting...

The patio cover can be placed freestanding in the garden or by the swimming pool, or attached to a facade. At Aliplast, you will find everything you are looking for: from veranda to slatted roof and patio cover. Tailored to modern living needs.


Now it's up to you. Contact an Aliplast distributor for your home. 

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