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Cladding for a trendy home look

Cladding fits in perfectly with contemporary architecture: An aesthetic hit thanks to the vertical and horizontal sleek profiles in different designs. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Find all the reasons to opt for cladding here.


Inspiration: smart cladding 

Playing with cladding

Sleek aluminium cladding profiles add a trendy touch to your home. It is a system that consists of a base profile mounted against the façade, with finishing profiles thereon. Aliplast boasts an excellent reputation for aluminium facade cladding. Perfect also in combination with facade plastering or brick batches. And what a freedom of choice in terms of finishing. With 4 vertical profiles - narrow, wide, deep or open - and 1 horizontal profile, you determine the line pattern of your house yourself, with the invisible fastening as the icing on the cake.


Cladding with colour guarantee

You can also go all out when it comes to colour. At Aliplast, you can choose from a very extensive range of colours. There is bound to be a perfect match for your home. And many colours come with a 25-year Seaside colour guarantee. Powder coating provides a good protective layer and preserves colour.


Get inspired by smart cladding here.

If you want something really special, consider using a background profile in a different colour than the finishing profile. Or use cladding for your doors and gates too – a matter of bringing the light inside while preserving the necessary privacy. The Aliplast dealers are ideally placed to guide you.


Durable and low-maintenance cladding

Another thing you should know: aluminium cladding is durable, easy to maintain and resistant to all weather conditions. The aluminium used for cladding is by nature very strong and 100% recyclable.

So much more than cladding

In your search for the best and most beautiful cladding, be sure to take a closer look at DECO WALL from Aliplast. Far, far more than cladding,  it is carefree enjoyment of a beautiful home for decades. Aliplast shows private individuals, architects and joiners the way to quality aluminium cladding.


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