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4 tips for cleaning aluminium

Aluminium is a low-maintenance material. That is a definite plus if you invest in aluminium doors and windows. It is nonetheless advisable to clean or maintain aluminium periodically so as to enjoy your joinery without worries. The tips below will prolong the life of your aluminium.


Take a look at cleaning products 

Cleaning aluminium: after installation

Once your aluminium joinery has been installed, it is advisable to clean it completely and remove any chalk and cement residue to prevent any penetration. For complete cleaning, you can rely on Aliplast's mild aluminium cleaning product Periodi-Clean.  Immediately after this first cleaning, it is a good idea to conserve the lacquer layer with Maxi-Gloss so as to avoid new dirt deposits. It seals the pores of the lacquer with a wax-like and safe substance. Cleaning aluminium in this way is the very best start.


Cleaning aluminium: periodic maintenance

In between, it suffices to clean your aluminium occasionally as follows:


  • Clean the glass panes with Periodi-Clean
  • Clean / wipe the aluminium window profiles with a chamois
  • Rinse with clean cold water to remove any cleaning agent residues


Cleaning aluminium is easy with mild cleaning products.

Note that these residues and recurring pollution (dust, rain) can damage painted aluminium surfaces under the influence of the sun. Simply cleaning aluminium periodically offers the best guarantee.

Cleaning aluminium: after installation, periodic and annual maintenance.

Cleaning aluminium: annual maintenance

Once a year, it is best to clean your aluminium more thoroughly so as to remove all the dirt that has accumulated itself in the meantime. You can clean your aluminium annually with Periodi-Clean. After the annual aluminium cleaning, we recommend using Maxi-Gloss to conserve the paint layer. This gives the paint layer extra protection against new dirt deposits. In rural areas, near industrial zones and at the coast or in a city, your aluminium might get dirty faster. Aliplast advises you to clean your aluminium more often in order to get the most out of your joinery.


Cleaning aluminium: overview of products

Finally: don't go too far. Clean aluminium with mild cleaning products available from an Aliplast specialist in your area. 

This professional knows everything about aluminium cleaning and is ready to give you specific advice. Be sure to ask what the best approach is in your case to clean your aluminium.


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