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Discover the new Miniline

Minimalist sliding window giving a maximum of light

Miniline, that's just like a sliding glass wall. Enjoy maximum transparency: all aluminium profiles of this minimalist sliding window are invisibly built in. All that remains visible is the central vertical aluminium profile, only 20 mm wide. Your home and the surrounding space become one. These windows can be made up to 4 metres high.


An optimal open feeling

The open corner solution provides an optimal connection between inside and outside. An uninterrupted view to enjoy. Moreover, this sliding window has a flat sill where the floor inside and outside are at the same height, without a step. Not only very beautiful, but also wheelchair-friendly.


High-quality technical performance

With a Uw value of 1.5 W/m²K, air tightness class 4, water tightness class 8A and an acoustic value Rw (C;Ctr) of 38.1 dB (-1,-5), this solution fits perfectly in applications with the most stringent regulations.

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