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Creative with curtain walls on your building

Houses, office buildings and industrial premises deserve a unique look. If you would rather have something different on the outside, why not consider curtain walls? This thermally insulating embellishment has a lot to offer on both the aesthetic and the functional front.


Inspiration: attractive curtain walls 

Curtain walls and modern architecture

Aluminium curtain walls - also known as skin walls or glass facades - are gaining ground in both private dwellings and commercial buildings. When you want larger glass surfaces than what an ordinary window system can support, you can opt for a curtain wall. It is the epitome of modern architecture. Many a designer likes to work with it, for creative freedom that gives you a choice of different finishing profiles. And the colour is no problem either. Plenty to choose from!


Curtain walls and Aliplast Aluminium Systems

At Aliplast, the ultimate curtain walls bear the name MC WALL: pure beauty and natural light for modern facades with both simple and complex shapes. Wind and water infiltration have no chance. The MC WALL curtain walls promise great diversity and dynamism in terms of frame work and finishing profiles.

The system is suitable for all types of opaque or glazed infills with a load-bearing capacity of up to 600 kg. In addition to vertical facades, glass roofs are also possible as are opening parts, e.g. such as a parallel opening window or a skylight. But you can also combine it with other window and door systems from Aliplast.

For something different: a curtain wall on your home or commercial building.

Curtain walls and versions

Aliplast's curtain wall comes in 5 different versions.


  • MC Wall: traditional curtain wall profiles 7 metres long for free spans without the use of a sliding profile
  • MC Glass: for creating optically an all-glass facade.
  • MC Passive and MC Passive Plus: extra-insulating curtain wall versions where triple glazing can be used
  • MC Fire: extra fire-resistant curtain wall


Curtain walls and performance

The punishing thermal performance of aluminium curtain walls is pure added value. Aliplast's MC Passive Plus version has a Uf value of 0.97 W/m²K. The MC Wall was also tested at other performance levels:


  • Air tightness: Class AE1300 achieved
  • Water tightness: Class RE1500 achieved
  • Wind resistance: 2600 Pa 3900Pa achieved
  • Acoustics: up to tot 41dB(-2;-6)


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