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Living and working in an aluminium conservatory

If there were a prize for the most beautiful annexe or extension, it would go to an aluminium conservatory. In such an extra living space, you can enjoy the surrounding nature, relax, work, cook, have an aperitif with family and friends... enter a new world of pleasure, light and freedom.  So start planning that conservatory project now, together with Aliplast.


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An aluminium conservatory is multifunctional

An aluminium conservatory is an investment that pays off. Its beauty, comfort and constant connection with the outdoors create an instant feeling of happiness every season. Meeting, dining, daydreaming, rejuvenating, home office: a conservatory as an extension of your home is the sublime decor that meets all your needs – and you are sheltered from the wind and the rain all the while.


You decide on the decor, incidentally. Classic, modern or minimalist in style,  an aluminium conservatory adapts perfectly to your needs. You can choose from a wide range of colours: glossy, matt or textured paint, always with a 15-year guarantee. Ask an Aliplast joiner / installer for advice and, if necessary, have an interior designer look over your aluminium living conservatory, work conservatory or conservatory at your catering establishment to make it extra cosy.


An aluminium conservatory is durable

Aliplast aluminium conservatories meet the strictest quality and durability standards. This is your guarantee of high thermal and acoustic insulation, unrivalled comfort and great energy conservation. An aluminium conservatory with Star65 or Star75 windows and VG500 sliding windows tops the bill. What's more, aluminium as a material is 100% recyclable, so you are making an environmentally conscious choice.


An aluminium conservatory is safe

Such factors as functionality, style and durability notwithstanding, an aluminium conservatory also scores top marks when it comes to safety. Aliplast aluminium conservatory systems are subjected to a series of tests in which safety is paramount. The focus is on resistance to water and wind. An aluminium conservatory passes with flying colours, protecting you from the wind and the rain every time. So let it rain.  You won’t have any problem in your aluminium conservatory.

An aluminium conservatory or a patio roof?

It might also be interesting to consider an Aliplast patio roof instead of an aluminium conservatory: Ideal for enjoying long summer evenings, but also for some shade when needed. Your garden furniture is also protected as it does not suffer from the weather.


In a word, Aliplast can bring 'joie de vivre' into your life with an aluminium conservatory and more. Time for cocooning!


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