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Aluminium profiles: the best choice

The perfect profile for your doors, windows, conservatory or facade is made of aluminium, available in various designs and countless colour variants with colour guarantee. And yes, there is bound to be a suitable aluminium profile for your architectural style.


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Advantages of an aluminium profile

You want the right look first and foremost. Aluminium profiles offer boundless aesthetic possibilities. Some 1,000 colours, matt, gloss or textured finish, sleek design, etc. --  an aluminium profile gives your exterior joinery the ultimate finishing touch.


With aluminium profiles you enjoy several other advantages. An aluminium profile is very durable, maintenance-friendly and 100% recyclable. The excellent insulation value makes an aluminium profile extremely suitable for passive construction. And thanks to their great stability, aluminium profiles enable you to create large and slim windows for maximum incidence of light.


Aluminium profile for facades

Aliplast's MaxLight version  is a hit in the segment of aluminium profiles for windows. These elegant and large windows with aluminium profile are available in 4 style variants: modern, steel, design and invisible (hidden sash). Particularly eye-catching are the ultra-slim aluminium profiles that can be combined with double or triple glazing. Max Light windows with aluminium profiles are very popular in modern new buildings, lofts and renovation projects thanks to their flexibility. Let the light shine in!


Aluminium profile for facades

You must certainly also consider cladding with aluminium profiles, such as Aliplast's Deco Wall. The invisible fastening and straight lines will give your home a trendy look. Durable and future-proof too! Choose from a vertical or horizontal aluminium profile and from the complete Aliplast colour range. Doors and gates can also be covered.

Discover the advantages of an aluminium profile.

Energy-efficient construction with aluminium profiles

You get it: a high-quality profile for your exterior joinery – as well as for your interior doors - is an aluminium profile. It is also a fact that aluminium profiles from Aliplast mean peace of mind. Each aluminium profile is specially developed to meet your current living needs. Minimalist aesthetics, comfort and high-quality insulation in optimal balance - the ultimate trio for beautiful and energy-efficient construction.


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