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Throw the folding walls wide open

Get rid of that glass wall. Slide open completely. Let the outside in and enjoy openness to the maximum. Systems such as folding walls or folding doors are designed for that very purpose. Super-functional and beautiful to behold. Look further to discover whether such a system is for you.


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Folding doors in the spotlight

Folding doors are a special solution to make the passage to the outside as large as possible. And no, it is not the same as a sliding door that always takes up a bit of space in the doorway. Folding doors disappear as if by magic - you fold them together and create an even wider doorway. And yes: that can be elegant.


Properties of folding doors

Aluminium folding doors from Aliplast are the best of their kind because of their appearance and durable properties. Your joiner is ideally placed to give you more information on this, such as the types, sizes and colour options. It is good to know that folding doors:


  • Can be folded open fully or partially
  • Fit perfectly into any type of building
  • Can be made in several versions: 2- to 8-piece
  • Can be opened internally or externally
  • Are available with 2 bottom solutions: all-round frame or flat sill


Folding doors for residential construction

Why opt for folding doors for your house or flat? Definitely for the uninterrupted view to the outside, living pleasure and a feeling of space. You bring nature inside, as it were. Indoors and outdoors blend together. The exclusive look enhances the appearance of your home. Aluminium folding doors are also an excellent choice in terms of materials and functionality. The style profiles ensure good stability. Once closed, they excel in terms of insulation properties, just like aluminium windows and doors. So do not hesitate, but go for this eye-catcher.

Folding doors for commercial applications

You also often see folding doors in your favourite restaurant, café or bistro. It makes sense, because it is a wonderfully flexible system that adapts to the needs and seasons. Folding doors are perfect for hospitality establishments, blocks of flats, swimming pools and terraces. They stand for light, air and luxury. And in aluminium design for a durable solution.


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