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Patio roof with slats:  modern eyecatcher

You might consider an extension to your home or a covered space in your garden at some point. One possibility could be a conservatory, or a slatted patio roof. An aluminium patio roof has its advantages. You’ll find out all about it here.


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A patio roof with slats – bespoke for your home

A first plus point: a slatted patio roof can be placed free-standing in your garden or at the pool, as well as attached to a facade. Smashingly trendy. An extension to your dwelling or pool house can ideally be linked lengthwise and widthwise, possibly to connect a slatted patio roof with a fixed glass roof.


A motorized patio roof with slats – ever so convenient

Secondly, you enjoy optimum comfort, as the roof can be opened and closed automatically. Thanks to Aliplast's motorized patio roof, the aluminium slats open and close simultaneously. The slats rotate up to 120°. You can choose to give the sun full play, temper its rays a little, or provide complete shade. Thanks to this rotation technique, you can also close the slatted patio roof from rainfall. Aliplast distributors often integrate a rain and wind sensor that immediately detects rain or wind, closing the slat roof automatically.

A slatted patio roof is a stylish extension of your home.

Personalize your slatted patio roof

A little extra to get the most out of your slatted patio roof... personalization! There are numerous options, such as adjustable windproof screens built into the support posts. They block wind, rain, water and sun while providing a bit more privacy. Finally, the built-in LED lighting and infinite choice of colours make a slatted patio roof highly interesting.



Why choose a slatted patio for a slatted patio roof

So let there be no doubt: a slatted patio roof is also the ultimate stylish extension for your home. At Aliplast, this handsome construction is called 'Somnium'. A minimalist, sleek eyecatcher that enables you to create a pleasant space in your garden you can enjoy all year round, whatever the weather. The Somnium slatted patio roof is fully custom-made and has maximum dimensions of 6 m x 4.5 m and 3 m high.


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