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Aluminium sliding windows connect indoors and outdoors

A room with a view is what you create with aluminium sliding windows. Think: a minimalist look for your home and a sublime view onto the outside? Yes, because with aluminium sliding windows you can enjoy more light, space and openness in style. There are aluminium sliding windows for every living need.


Discover the range of aluminium sliding windows 

Single-, double-, three-track aluminium sliding windows

Important to know: aluminium sliding windows are available in a single-, double- or triple-track system.. The number of tracks indicates the possibilities of sliding your aluminium sliding windows. Your architect, joiner and expert fitter can give you the best advice,  because the choice of type of aluminium sliding windows depends a little on the architectural requirements, the space you have available and your wishes. Let me explain...


  • Single track: aluminium sliding window with one track, consisting of a fixed piece of glass and an opening sash for a minimalist look.
  • Double track: aluminium sliding windows with double track, where both sashes can open or where you have one sash fixed.
  • Triple track: aluminium sliding windows with a fixed frame and 3 sashes on 3 tracks, where you can open 2 sashes.


Aluminium sliding windows: from large to largest

The great thing about aluminium sliding windows is the diversity of versions in which you can order them, especially at Aliplast. There are the VG 500 universal aluminium sliding windows with common dimensions that fit almost any type of house. Top in terms of glass thickness, sash height and insulation properties, and available with a flat sill so that universal aluminium sliding windows with door are also ideal for people with limited mobility.

This sliding window is completely built in the floor, wall and ceiling so you only see the 20 mm vertical centre post.

When we look at the larger sizes Ultraglide for example is the ultimate aluminium sliding window440 kg light and easy to operate with one hand. With Max Light you maximize light, luxury and insulation. This range stands for great aluminium (lift) sliding windows with a minimalist design. You can enjoy an uninterrupted view thanks to ultra-slim sliding system technology.

The summum of minimalism

The brand new Miniline is an architectural gem.

This sliding window is completely built in the floor, wall and ceiling so you only see the 20 mm vertical centre post.

Outdoor living feeling with aluminium sliding windows

Might you possibly not be looking for an insulated aluminium sliding window, but for a glass sliding system that mainly blocks the wind instead? Then be sure to check out Aliplast's Glass Glide range. This is a unique and elegant glass sliding system in which your view to the outside is not obstructed by vertical aluminium profiles, with various opening options and built-in carriers that ensure the opening and closing of the sashes. It is the perfect addition for a pure outdoor living experience. It can be used for partition structures such as conservatories, and also as a separation of terrace and outdoor space in houses and flats. Very beautiful!


Aluminium sliding windows from Aliplast

At Aliplast, our aluminium sliding windows are state of the art, driven by innovation and our passion for beauty. Thus, our modern aluminium sliding windows provide a seamless transition from your home to the garden. Universal, open corner, recessed sill, slimmer profiles, etc…. it all slides ever so  easily, for a blissful indoor-outdoor feeling, one we wish for you too.


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