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How to choose new doors and windows

Builders and renovators are faced with a formidable choice: that of the right doors and windows. Factors such as style, insulation, quality and price are often decisive. At Aliplast aluminium, we tick all those boxes for you with flying colours. Find out here why aluminium doors and windows are the perfect match for your project too.


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Style: bespoke doors and windows for your life/home

You want your architectural style to be reflected in your doors and windows. Modern, classic, loft, design... there is aluminium exterior joinery for every type of home and building. No one size fits all, but bespoke doors and windows; with matching handles. You can also go all out for the colours for your doors and windows. At Aliplast, you order aluminium joinery in the colour and finish you want: structured, matt, glossy, etc. High-quality colouring guaranteed by powder coating. Your joiner of choice makes the best doors and windows in his or her own workshop.


Light: aluminium doors and windows as light makers

Maximum incidence of light is no luxury. Light is decisive for a healthy living environment along with a pleasant temperature and silence. Doors and windows play an important role here. They let light in and create a soothing dynamic. For instance, the windows from the Max Light Series are a hit in this segment: elegant and ultra-slim profiles for optimal incidence of light. Even more light? Then consider sliding windows in addition to aluminium doors and windows.


Insulation: doors and windows that reduce your energy bill

The thermal and acoustic performance of aluminium doors and windows stops cold, heat and noise and increases well-being. Doors and windows from Aliplast are known for their durable, energy-efficient properties and high levels of insulation. The profiles specially developed for passive construction are especially remarkable. So you could say that our doors and windows are ready for tomorrow's energy standards. Because your energy bill does not leave us cold Strict airtightness and thermal insulation reduce  heat loss drastically. Your home becomes a lot more energy efficient and you do your bit in the fight against global warming.

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Value for money: affordable doors and windows made in Belgium

With Aliplast doors and windows, you choose aesthetic durability and affordable quality. Because aluminium windows are strong and last a lifetime. At Aliplast, the aluminium profiles are made and lacquered under one roof in Lokeren, Belgium. Our dealers make and install the doors and windows.


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