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Glass fall prevention screen for your window: minimalist and safe

Increase safety around your windows with a fall prevention screen. Not with an eye-catching crossbar, but with a glass fall prevention screen that is hardly visible, while still providing the protection you need in a higher flat. A virtually invisible screen for your windows which works like this. 


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What is a window fall prevention screen?

You don’t want your pets or children exposed to the risk of falling. A window fall prevention device is the solution. You often see this in flats on upper floors. However, such a balustrade should not obstruct the view and the incidence of light. So choose a glass fall prevention screen for your window on an upper floor. It's not a real balcony, because a fall prevention screen is fixed against the window or in the gable. It is designed to minimize inconvenience while increasing safety.



Window fall prevention screen in glass:  the advantages

With such a fall prevention screen, you can open your window on an upper floor with peace of mind. And there are more reasons why it is best to have such a fall prevention device installed.



  • Design – A fall prevention screen in glass is minimalist and matches with your window
  • Light – You retain a maximum incidence of light and can look outside unhindered
  • Colour – The profile colour can be matched to that of your facade and windows
  • Installation – Your specialist is trained to install the fall prevention screen on your façade quickly and professionally
A fall prevention screen for your window in glass is minimalist and provides protection.

MAC GLASS, the ultimate fall prevention screen for your window

At Aliplast, your safety is very important to us. That is why we have developed an innovative and sophisticated fall prevention system for your window. The MAC GLASS is a certified glass fall prevention screen. It provides ultimate transparency thanks to a minimum profile. Perfect for homes without a balcony that want to let in maximum light. You can order them up to 2 m wide and with a maximum glass thickness of 18 mm  in combination with single pivot or turn-tilt windows or with compound (sliding) windows.


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